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* 24/7 access to your designated RevFit coach within our TrueCoach app

* Progressive, personalized sessions along with macronutrient breakdown to get you reach your desired goal.

* Track your progress by logging metrics and receiving compliance percentages each week

* Upload progress photos and technique videos, integrate with other fitness apps, and view exercise demo videos all within our app!

* New workouts every 2-4 weeks after discussing progress with your coach over a one on one phone call.


Pain and numbness are completely gone!

“I was experiencing pain in the neck and numbness in my hands; I could tell my overall health was not good. Coach Megan of RevFit put a program together to slowly help me get moving. Nothing extreme. From across the country, we worked on improving mobility first. We have phone calls to discuss where I am with the numbness and my overall health. Today, I can say the pain and numbness are completely gone! I’m feeling better and I continue to move every single day.

Heidi Brasee, OH, USA

I tried it all the past 2 years and nothing worked...

"Not only do I feel good on the inside, but I am seeing my definition again, fitting into all my old clothes, gaining my strength back, and all around ecstatic! After 2.5 years of being unhappy, words can't describe how I feel with the coaching from RevFit. I truly tried it all the past two years and nothing worked. I cannot thank them enough for giving me the tools, support, and motivation I needed!” 

Amber Easterwood, OH, USA

Feedback that keeps me motivated...

“I recently worked with RevFit for 10 weeks. They have done a phenomenal job of keeping me engaged despite the location difference. Coach Megan provides great feedback that keeps me motivated with helpful tips in response to videos of my lifts. They also have an extremely helpful mobility program that I was able to easily follow. The mobility program has aided in my mobility gains and given me better ideas on ways to warm up. It’s been an awesome experience working with them virtually!”

Alexandra Palmisano, IL, USA

Adjusts programs to your individual needs!

“I love RevFit for so many reasons, but the main one is their ability to adjust programs to meet YOUR individual needs! Every person needs something different when it comes to fitness and the RevFit trainers welcome those differences. I personally train with Hailey, who is incredibly knowledgable, but she keeps the workouts FUN!
A blessing in my life, I recommend RevFit to anyone!”

Noey Gnome, AZ, USA




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Full Body Mobility Program

This program by Coach Megan is designed for any level. It includes passive and active stretching, tissue work, and strength training at end ranges of motion.

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Full Body Strength Program

Looking to get strong while building an appealing aesthetic? This program from Coach Hailey includes 4 workouts a week designed for any level.